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Based in Rural Wiltshire, in the Pewsey Vale, We farm approximately 2000 acres with a mix of Arable cropping, Beef and Horse Livery enterprises. Church Farm has been in our family for 4 generation and over 100 years! We aim to produce high quality food by continually optimising and improving our methods and techniques. The natural environment is a huge factor we take into account with all of our decisions and we are always looking for ways we can improve and adapt the local habitats.
Common Name: Yellowhammer
Scientific name: Emberiza citrinella
Bird family: Buntings
Conservation Status: Yellowhammers are currently considered globally threatened.
Diet: Seed and Insects
Photo: Taken at a bird ringing demonstration held on the farm (2019)
Canal View
View: Kennet and Avon Canal Looking Towards Clifford Hill
Description: A Small area of the farm illustrating the diverse landscape and habitats we have to work with. Our land stretches from the lowland greensand past the Kennet and Avon canal, over the chalk grassland SSSI's of the Pewsey downs and onwards towards Kennet.
Photo: Taken 2020
The farm covers a diverse range of habitats including the Kennet and Avon Canal Corridor, The Chalkland Pewsey Downs, large open arable areas and smaller grassland meadows. This gives us a huge scope of wildlife which can be found across the farm including some rarer species.

We are active members of the Pewsey Downs Farmers Group who's major aim is to promote sustainable farming. We undertake many projects with the help of the group and/or external companies to help improve areas of habitat around the farm. We are also in a Higher Level Stewardship Scheme, this enable us to grow environmentally focused areas such as pollinator mixes and floristically enhanced margins.
On the arable side we are growing Winter Wheat, Spring and Winter Barley, Winter Oilseed Rape, Spring Oats, Maize, Temporary grass and on occasion Sunflowers. We are always looking for new opportunities and crops to diversify into. All of our Wheat is grown to milling standards and the Spring Barley is malting grade. We aim to produce as much of our cattle diet on farm with all of the Maize and temporary grass produced for cattle feed.
Oilseed Rape Field with Milk Hill in Background
Common Name: Oilseed Rape
Scientific name: Brassica napus
Average Yield: 3.5t/Ha
Background: Milk Hill and Alton Barnes White Horse
Photo: Taken at Stanton St Bernard (2019)
Common Name: Cattle
Breed: Fresian
Activity: Grazing the natural chalk grass and herbs
Location: Wansdyke
Year: 2020
Our livestock consists mainly of beef cattle. We aim to have between 400 and 460 on the farm at any time. All of the cattle graze out on either the natural grassland of the Pewsey Downs or the drass meadows in the valley during the summer months. We a mix of breeds in the herd mainly consisting of Fresians but including Herefords, Belgium Blues, Aberdeen Angus and a few others. We purchase through the local markets and direct from like minded farms and sell either through the market or direct to abbotoir.

We also have a Horse Livery yard on site and run as part of the business, Pewsey Vale Livery is well established and offers hacking over most of the farm land as well as access to a large indoor arena.
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